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What are the conditions for 60L wall paint voc discharge box sampling?

Date: May 30,2022 Views: 223

For VOC sampling of wall coatings, a VOC discharge box is required. The standard VOC discharge boxes are 60L, 80L, 1000L, etc. Let's talk about the sampling requirements for using a 60L VOC discharge box as a wall paint VOC according to the GB/T 37884-2019 standard.


According to the standard: GB/T 37884-2019 Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Release in Coatings

voc discharge box brand: huanyi instrument

Reference model: HYV-60-4


A. Sampling conditions for volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions

Sampling flow: 200 mL/min.

Sampling time: 30 min.


B. Sampling conditions for formaldehyde emission

Sampling flow: 400 mL/min.

Sampling time: 25 min.


C. Parameter requirements of the discharge box:

1. Cabin temperature: 23℃±

2. The relative humidity of the air in the cabin: 50%±

3. The number of air changes in the cabin: 0.5 h -1 .

4. Substrate: colorless transparent flat glass, size 200 mm*300 mm, should be cleaned and dried before the test.

5. Material/cabin load ratio: 1.0 m/m.


The above is to use the VOC discharge box to test the VOC emission of the paint. If you have any questions, you can visit the official website of "Huanyi Instrument" and consult relevant technical personnel.

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