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2020 NEW VOC Emission Test Chamber Features

Date: Nov 19,2019 Views: 783
• Almost emission free test space container 
• Fan with special drive mechanism 
• Test space container with electropolished inner lining 
• Air-jacket temperature conditioning 
• Carrier gas climate conditioning 
• Colour touchpanel 
• Highly efficient 32 bit control and monitoring system 
• Maintenance-friendly design 
The test cabinet is equipped with an independent upper and lower temperature limiter (adjustable temperature 
limiter) according to EN 60 519-2 class 2, 1993. The threshold temperature tmin and tmax have a digital setting. 
Alarm messages are both visual and acoustical. This test specimen protection hardware is independent from 
the included programmable software temperature limiter.
The refrigerant used R 404 A is CFC-free and is leading in ecological terms. Systems equipped with R 404 A 
meet with the latest standards. The ozone depleting potential is reduced to zero. 
The cabinets are prepared for the safe disposal of refrigerant and compressor oils by our service engineers. 
The insulation material is an asbestos-free mineral fibre applied by a special process. This avoids 
environmental pollution using a CFC-foamed polyurethane insulation. 

The resistant powder coating does not release any harmful substances into the environment. 

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