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2020 NEW VOC Emission Test Chamber Introduction

Date: Nov 19,2019 Views: 754
The climatic test cabinets of the VCE series provides you with a sophisticated testing system produced by applying highly innovative production technology. Numerous significant features support your tests in compliance with defined standards or in accordance with your specific demands. The modular and servicefriendly design and the use of environmental-friendly refrigerants with no ozone depleting potential ensures that our systems have a long service life.
The individual components are installed in a space-saving manner, so that they are easily accessible. The housing is made of galvanised steel sheet. An extremely wear resistant surface is achieved thanks to the environment-friendly powder coating. Attention has also been paid to good environmental use of the insulation material for the inner container. The insulating layer, consisting purely of mineral fibres, guarantees high heat insulation.

The door of the test cabinet can be operated very easily using a single-handed closure mechanism. Practical arrangement of the supply connections ensures easy installation of the cabinet. Electrical and water connections can be simply connected.

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