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1m antibacterial sterilization bacteria aerosol cabinet solution sharing

Date: Mar 30,2022 Views: 247

Bacterial microorganisms are the organisms with the widest distribution and the largest number of individuals in nature, and are the main participants in the natural material cycle. In the laboratory, bacterial aerosol cabinet is often used to cultivate bacteria or do sterilization and antibacterial tests.


In the construction of the bacterial aerosol cabinet in the laboratory, it is necessary to do various evaluations and complete the construction according to the test conditions.


The overall structure of the bacterial aerosol cabinet:


A bacterial aerosol cabinet, the device includes a cabinet body, a temperature control system, an air stirring fan system, a lighting system, an exhaust system, an air intake system, a sampling and filling port, a pollution source generating device, a testing instrument, a cabinet door, a buckle mechanism, foot, display, multi-function filter, sampling system and purifier sample table.


The working system of the bacterial aerosol cabinet:


The temperature control system includes a frequency conversion fan, an electric heater, a humidifier and a surface cooler. The lower end of the frequency conversion fan is connected to the electric heater. And the frequency conversion fan is connected with the external multi-function filter, the electric heater is connected with the outside of the humidifier, and the outside of the humidifier is connected with the surface cooler.


The temperature and humidity range of the temperature control system is controlled between 23°C and 2°C, and the humidity is between 50% and 10%. The size of the cabinet is 1m×1m×1m, and the volume thereof is 1m.


If you need to know the relevant construction plan of the bacterial aerosol cabinet, please visit the official website of "Huanyi Instrument", or send a private message to the editor.

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