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Application of thermal insulation materials for high and low temperature test instruments

Date: Jan 03,2023 Views: 193

High and low temperature test instruments, constant temperature and humidity test chambers and other test equipment involving temperature control need to be insulated. The choice of thickness and material of insulation material is very important.

High and low temperature test instruments insulation insulation method selection of heat conduction method is not the same, and take effective methods and raw materials. For example, in order to avoid warm air heat transfer and use vacuum pump insulation plate. However, because of the technical and cost reasons, at the present stage of our natural environment experiment equipment are selected thermal insulation materials, a wide range of glass fiber insulation materials (asbestos) and foamed polyurethane, polyurethane foamed butadiene, etc.

Asbestos, also known as glass fiber cotton, because of its excellent heat insulation characteristics, and low cost characteristics and the first scale used in heat insulation layer, it also has the characteristics of easy to operate and fill, widely used in heat conduction and heat insulation industry. High and low temperature test instrument means the use of this raw material.

With the improvement of the concept of environmental protection and occupational health and safety, and the improvement of the scientific research and production of foamed polyurethane raw materials, the use of foamed polyurethane is more and more widely, its effect is much more than asbestos, it is a must of the technical development trend of the sales market. At this stage to understand the industry that is the refrigerator industry chain. The volatile tube of refrigerator and its shell insulation are all made of foamed polyurethane.

Foaming polyurethane has many advantages, such as foam filling can be filled with the size and shape of the gap, and its low thermal conductivity, insulation effect is good. However, its cost is still relatively high compared to asbestos at present, and there is a big process problem is that it is difficult to remove once the foam is set, especially after foam embedded in the instrument, pipeline, circuit troubleshooting is very troublesome, which is also widely used in refrigerators and other thermal insulation fields, but in the environmental test equipment industry is not promising.

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