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Rapid temperature change test chamber linear and non-linear difference

Date: Dec 28,2022 Views: 187

Linearity refers to the rapid temperature change test chamber in the work of a certain period of time set in operation, its heating rate and cooling rate is unchanged, for example: set the rate of heating is 10 / min, then it is the rate of heating in the entire time period is 10 / min, fixed, will not appear sometimes 9 / min, or sometimes 11 / min, similarly, the cooling rate is also is the same.


Non-linear refers to the rapid temperature change test chamber in a certain period of time, the work of the heating rate or cooling rate is variable, it takes an average heating value or cooling value, for example: in a certain period of time, the heating rate is sometimes 10 / min, sometimes 9 / min, sometimes 11 / min, but in this period of time, it is an average of 10 / min heating or cooling. And non-linear means that the average down is 10/min, there will be floating.


Fast temperature change test chamber also known as fast temperature cycle test chamber is suitable for instruments, meters, electricians, electronic products and components for cold test, temperature rapid change or gradual change in the conditions of adaptability test and stress screening (ESS) test, in order to make analysis and evaluation of the performance and behavior of the test product in the proposed environmental conditions.


Under the design strength limit, the test specimen is subjected to temperature acceleration techniques (alternate expansion and contraction of the product when cycling within the upper and lower limit temperature) to change the external environmental stresses, so that thermal stresses and strains are generated in the product and the potential defects in the product emerge through accelerated stresses. In addition, the stress sieve itself is a process stage process, not a reliability test, so the stress sieve is a 100% procedure for the product.


    Huanyi' instruments produced by the rapid temperature change test chamber temperature rise and fall rate are: 3 / min, 5 / min, 10 / min, 15 / min, 20 / min, 25 / min linear or non-linear, can be customized according to requirements

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