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Artificial Xenon test chamber aging conditions

Date: Sep 11,2019 Views: 495
Test conditions
(1) Artificial xenon lamp aging conditions
Light source: 6000 watt water-cooled xenon lamp. The cooling water is distilled water and ion-exchanged water, and the two are used in combination.
Blackboard temperature: 63 soil 3 ° C
Relative humidity: 65 5%
Rainfall period: rainfall 18 minutes / light 120 minutes, continuous light. Use tap water with a pH of 6~7.
Radiation intensity of light source: 1000 soil 200 watts/m2 (within the wavelength range of 300-890 nm)
Distance between sample and light source: 48cm
Sample change position cycle: 1 time / 48 hours
Radiation meter: Japanese PH-52-X-type integrated light meter, measuring range 300~780 nm.
Radiation unit conversion:
1000 watts / m2 = 0.02392 cards / cm2 seconds
           =2.067 kcal/cm2 day
           =753.7 kcal/cm2 year

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