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Formaldehyde emission chamber testing, essential quality performance

Date: Sep 11,2019 Views: 674
Formaldehyde emission chamber is mainly for the detection of formaldehyde emission in wood-based panels, interior wall coating materials, interior furniture and other products. The environmental instrument compartment of the ring meter distinguishes the old domestic test, which is more economical. The test results are more stable and reliable. Here is a brief description of the performance of the formaldehyde environment cabin:
1. Formaldehyde emission The control panel of the environmental chamber displays temperature, humidity, time, flow and pressure. Can be monitored in real time.
2. The pipeline has good thermal insulation protection.
3. The filtered air treatment agent used for clean air is easy to replace.
4. The inner wall of the box is mirror stainless steel, which does not absorb formaldehyde.
5, temperature and humidity range, measurement accuracy is properly controlled.
6. A shared clean saturated gas source.
The biggest advantage of the formaldehyde environment chamber is that it can be tested as a whole without damaging the test product. A clearer measure of the amount of formaldehyde released from the sample.

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