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Causes of unstable temperature uniformity in the thermal shock test chamber

Date: May 27,2021 Views: 332

1, heat load:

If enough test samples are placed in the working chamber of the thermal shock test chamber to affect the overall internal heat convection, it will inevitably affect the uniformity of the internal temperature to a certain extent. For example, when LED lighting products are placed, the products themselves will emit light and generate heat, which becomes a heat load. Then there is a great influence on the temperature uniformity.


2, heat transfer:

Because thermal shock test chamber the heat transfer coefficients of the front, back, left, and right sides of the chamber wall of the studio are different, some have threading holes, detection holes, test holes, etc., which lead to local heat dissipation and heat transfer, which makes the temperature of the chamber uneven, thereby making the chamber wall width The jet convection heat transfer is not uniform, which affects the temperature uniformity.


3, thermal shock test chamber heat radiation:

Design problems make it difficult to achieve a uniform symmetrical structure in the internal structure and space design of the inspection chamber. An asymmetrical structure will inevitably lead to deviations in the internal temperature uniformity. This level is mainly reflected in the sheet metal design and sheet metal processing. , Such as: the design of the air duct, the placement of the heating tube, the size of the fan power, etc.


4, tightness:

The thermal shock test chamber and door are not tightly sealed, such as: non-customized sealing strips have seams, and the door leaks, which affects the temperature uniformity of the working space.


5. The rationality of the selection and placement of the tested samples:

If the volume of the test object is too large, or the location or method of the test object placed in the working chamber of the thermal shock test chamber is inappropriate, convection of the air inside will be blocked, which will also cause a large deviation in temperature uniformity. For example, placing the test product next to the air duct will seriously affect the wind circulation, and of course the temperature uniformity will be greatly affected.


6. The difference of inner wall structure:


Due to the different structure of the inner wall, the temperature of the inner wall of the cold and heat shock test chamber will also be uneven, which will affect the heat convection in the working chamber and cause the deviation of the internal temperature uniformity.

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