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1 cubic air disinfection aerosol cabinet operation procedure

Date: Sep 24,2020 Views: 406

Product name :1 cubic air disinfection air mist cabinet

Meet the standard: GB28235-2020 ultraviolet disinfector health requirements

1 cubic air disinfection gas mist cabinet operation procedure

1.1Selection of test site: According to the use requirements of ultraviolet air sterilizer, select representative test sites (such as wards, dormitories, offices, ambulance vehicles and other places that can be airtight), and the bacteria quantity of test site should be ≥1000CFU/m3, and carry out the test in the indoor without people.

1.2 Installation of the uv air sterilizer to be tested: Before the test, follow the installation instructions of the sterilizer to be tested.Install the ultraviolet air sterilizer to be tested in the selected test site, connect the power and confirm it can work normally.

1.3 Sampling before disinfection: Sampling of natural bacteria in the air in the selected closed test site was conducted with a six-step sieve hole air impingement sampler after the air was still for 5 min as samples before disinfection (positive control).When sampling, one sampling point is set for the test site ≤10 m2;For the test site >10 m2, an additional sampling point is set up for each additional 10 m2, with a maximum of 5 sampling points.When sampling at one sampling point, the air impingement sampler with six screen holes was placed at a height of 1.0m in the center of the test site.When sampling at multiple sampling points, the air impact sampler with six sieve holes should be evenly distributed on the diagonal or in plum-style, away from the outlet of the ultraviolet air sterilizer, and sampled at a distance of 0.5 m and 1.0 m from the wall from >.The sampling flow rate is 28.3 L/min, and the sampling time is determined according to the amount of bacteria in the air, generally no more than 10 min.

1.4 Disinfection treatment: start up and run according to the instructions of the ultraviolet air sterilizer to be tested.

1.5 Sampling after disinfection: The ultraviolet air sterilizer will be used for a predetermined time (the time specified in the product manual). Sampling of natural bacteria in the air will be carried out at the sampling point before disinfection by using the air impact sampler with six-level sieve holes and the same method as d.3.3, as the test samples after disinfection.

1.6 Culture and Observation of Results: After sampling, the plate was taken out after aseptic operation, and the live bacteria culture was carried out for 48 hours in an incubator of 36 C and 1 C.At the same time, the unused culture medium was cultured with the above two groups of samples.As a negative control.If there is bacterial growth in the negative control group, it indicates that the medium used is contaminated and the test is invalid. The test should be repeated after replacement.

1.7 Repeat test: Repeat the test for 3 times.

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