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GB/T 37757-2019VOC emission test

Date: Feb 06,2023 Views: 184

The VOC release test in GB/T 37757-2019 is used to detect the release amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in electronic and electrical materials and parts. The release test is divided into two steps, including release test and gas sample collection.


VOC release test:


Test equipment: VOC emission environment chamber


Device model: huanyi Instrument HYV-1000 (1 cubic meter)


Sample tube: Tenax-TA


I. Release test:

1. After completing the pre-run process, place the tested sample in the center of the release test chamber, and use a support to avoid contact between the tested sample and the four walls. The principle of multiple samples being placed is to allow sufficient and effective contact between the surfaces and the cabin air circulation, which ensures that the samples will not be displaced throughout the release test. The test hatch door shall be closed immediately after placing the sample under test.


2. After closing the hatch door, execute the program and set the air exchange rate as 0.4h-1. After the parameter reaches the set value, run the release test for 180 minutes.


3. Take appropriate measures to avoid the harm of hot air to the operator when placing samples.


Ii. Gas sample collection:

1. After the completion of the release test, connect the sampling pump with the adsorption tube, and connect the sampling end of the adsorption tube with the sampling port of the release test chamber using a 2 m~3 m sampling catheter.


2. Set the gas sampling volume to 1L~8 L, sampling flow to 50 mL/min~200 mL/min, and parallel sampling for 2 times. An adsorption tube should be connected in series during the first sampling to confirm penetration. At the same time, an adsorption tube stored in the same condition as the adsorption tube is opened on the sampling site, placed for 3 to 5 minutes, and then tightened to use the tube sleeve as a blank collection tube.


Note: The sampling amount and time can be determined according to the VOC concentration of the sample in the release test chamber.


After the sampling is complete, the gas sample needs to be analyzed and the result obtained.


The above are the requirements for VOC release test in GB/T 37757-2019. If you have any questions, please visit the official website of huanyi Instrument and consult related technicians.


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