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Horizontal impact tester test procedure

Date: Sep 27,2019 Views: 767
1. Place the test sample on the trolley (horizontal impact tester and bevel impact tester) or platen (hanging impact tester) in a predetermined state.

2. When testing with a horizontal impact tester, the trolley is moved along the rail at a predetermined speed and reaches the required impact velocity upon reaching the impact surface of the baffle.

3. When testing with the bevel impact tester, lift the trolley along the slope of the rail to the corresponding height at which the required impact velocity can be obtained, and then release.

4. When using the hanging pendulum impact tester to test, pull the platen to raise the position, and release it when the distance between the platen and the impact surface of the sweeping plate can be generated to produce the required impact velocity.

5. Regardless of the type of test machine used for the test, the impact velocity error should be within ± 5% of the predetermined impact velocity.

6. After the test, check the damage of the package and the contents according to the relevant standards, and analyze the test results.

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