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Rain test box regular maintenance specification reference

Date: Sep 20,2019 Views: 735

1. Check if there is enough water in the water tank before running. If it is not, please fill it first (you must add clean tap water) to avoid damage to the water pump;

2. If you hear an abnormal sound during operation, please stop the machine and check it again before restarting it, so as not to affect the service life of the equipment;

3. When the equipment is not working, it should be kept dry, drain the water after running, and dry the studio and the cabinet;

4. The equipment runs for a long time. If the water spray hole is blocked, the pipeline must be removed, rinsed with tap water and assembled.

5. Avoid dust intrusion into the equipment, after use, cover the plastic cover;

6. Avoid external impact on the equipment;

7. Prohibit the exposure of chemicals to this equipment;

8. Check the circuit control system before each power-on;

9. A ventilation fan should be installed in the laboratory to keep the room ventilated;

10. Confirmation of power supply and grounding wire;

11. The power cord is properly connected according to the specifications and is grounded.

12. The wastewater discharge system of the equipment must be installed in place.

13. After the test is finished, cut off the power of the whole machine;

14. After each test, remove the sample and clean the equipment liner;


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