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How to install pressure chamber in plateau environment

Date: Mar 29,2023 Views: 207

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After the plateau environmental pressure chamber is purchased and returned to the laboratory, the installation position is usually chosen by the user, but how to install it and where to install it is more appropriate? The following is a brief introduction from "Huanyi Instruments".


1. Select the installation site:

It is necessary to choose an open, dry and well-ventilated place with sufficient bearing capacity to support the weight of the pressure chamber in the plateau environment.


2. Assemble the chamber:

Assemble and install the cabinet and each component of the plateau environmental pressure tank according to the instructions. Pay special attention to safety regulations and requirements when installing containers and components to ensure safe installation.


3. Install the vacuum pump:

a. The rotary plate is installed with the rotary spring, inserted into the rotor slot, the advanced rotor is loaded, installed with the advanced pump cover, pin, screw, key, rotating by hand, there should be no lag and obvious weight feeling;

b. Install low-level rotors by referring to (1) Installing advanced rotors;

c. Install the check valve component, adjust the plane between the check valve head and the oil hole, the opening height is 1.2mm, when closed, the check valve head should be tightly sealed with the oil hole, otherwise it is easy to cause oil return;

d. Reinstall the exhaust valve disc;

e. Reinstall the pump body, key and coupling on the support;

f. Fill the oil tank, return the gas ballast valve (if there is a gas ballast valve), and the intake pipe.


4. Install electrical equipment:

According to the instructions, connect the electrical equipment of the plateau environment pressure chamber well to ensure that the electrical equipment meets the safety regulations and requirements.


5. Install air and power sources:

The plateau environment pressure chamber needs air source and power supply support, so the air source and power supply need to be installed near the installation site and connected.


6. Test:

After completing the above steps, the plateau environment pressure chamber needs to be tested to ensure that it can work normally.


The preceding steps 2 to 5 are installed by the manufacturer, step 1 is selected by the user, and step 6 is arranged by the manufacturer for field test after delivery to the user. The whole process is planned from the selection of pressure chamber in the plateau environment, so users need to communicate well with the manufacturer when buying, so as to avoid problems in the subsequent installation.


You can visit "Huanyichamber" official website at any time to get professional technical support.

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