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How to maintain the UV aging test chamber

Date: Jul 17,2020 Views: 479

The ultraviolet aging test chamber uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps as the light source to test the material by simulating the ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight. Therefore, the maintenance of the ultraviolet aging test box is also extremely important. In order to make the UV aging test chamber more work well and maintain a good condition for a long time, please maintain according to the following items:

1. If the UV aging test chamber is in a non-working condition, it should be kept dry and disconnected from the power supply;

2. After the test, drain the water in the testing machine and dry the studio and box;

3. After use, remember to put on the plastic cover to avoid dust intrusion. If there is dust, it should be removed in time;

4. The sensor device in the working room shall not be subjected to strong impact;

5. The UV aging test box is placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install a ventilation fan to maintain indoor ventilation), and it should not be installed in a dusty place;

6. When the UV aging test box is faulty and cannot be eliminated by yourself, please contact the Huanyi staff, do not disassemble and install it privately;

7. The test box will not be used for a long time. If you use it again, you must carefully check the water source, power supply and various parts, and then start the UV weathering test box after confirming that it is correct;

8. Operators are equipped with protective goggles and jackets, because ultraviolet radiation has a strong hazard to personnel (especially eyes), so operators should minimize exposure to ultraviolet (contact time should be <1min);

9. It is forbidden for chemicals to contact this ultraviolet aging test box (away from combustibles and explosives);

10. The waste water discharge system of the UV aging test chamber must be installed in place;

11. After each test, the sample should be taken out, and the inner liner of the UV aging test box should be cleaned;

12. After use, remember to put any dust on the plastic cover, and it should be removed in time to keep the cabinet clean and tidy, so as to avoid dust intrusion into the cabinet.

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