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What are the testing standards for formaldehyde environmental test cabins?

Date: Jul 15,2020 Views: 434

Product introduction: The limited release of formaldehyde for interior decoration materials is a hot issue of environmental protection that is widely concerned by countries around the world. The amount of formaldehyde released by various interior decoration materials (such as wood-based panels, carpets, paints, wallpapers, curtains, etc.) is An important indicator to measure the quality of its products is related to the pollution of products to the environment and the impact of human health. 1 m3 formaldehyde emission climatic chamber detection method is a standard method for the detection of formaldehyde emission of indoor decoration and decoration materials widely used at home and abroad. It is characterized by simulating indoor climate environment and the test results are closer to reality, so it is true and reliable.

Environmental testing chamber for formaldehyde emission

The technical performance indicators of this product comply with national standards:

"Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products, Artificial Wood Panels" (HJBZ 37-1999)

"Interior Decoration Materials, Limits of Formaldehyde Release in Artificial Panels and Products" (GB 185802001)

Interior decoration materials. Limits of harmful substances in wooden furniture GB 18584-2001

Code for indoor environmental pollution control of civil construction engineering GB 50325-2001 (2006 edition)

Limits for the release of harmful substances from carpets, carpet cushions and carpet adhesives GB18587-2001

Wallpaper harmful substances limit GB18585-2001

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