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How much do you know about the types and characteristics of drop testing machines

Date: Oct 11,2021 Views: 328

The drop tester is a machine specially used to detect the drop damage degree of product packaging and evaluate the impact strength during transportation and handling. Using double column head guide, can place high drop, stable and reliable work, can achieve corners, curved surfaces and corners, meet the requirements of GB/T4857.5-92, ISO2248-1972E. The drop test machine can be divided into: single arm drop test machine, double drop test machine and so on. There are different characteristics between drop test machines, so when choosing a drop test machine, you must know which drop test machine your product is suitable for. Let's take a look at the types and characteristics of a drop test machine.


First, zero drop testing machine.


Features: The zero-drop testing machine has a test piece support. During the test, the support moves down at a high speed and separates from the test piece. The support has been embedded in the bottom plate under the action of high-quality shock absorbers before the test packaged goods fall to the bottom plate. Theoretically, the zero-drop test machine can perform a drop test from a zero height to a drop height range. The drop height is set digitally according to the test requirements, and the drop test is automatically executed according to the set height.


Second, the single-arm drop test machine.


Features: The single-arm drop tester places the product to be tested in a certain placement method: fixed digital display height in the way of surface, edge, and angle. The height within the test range of the equipment can be freely set according to the user's requirements. After the height is determined, When the solenoid valve is released, the test product leaves the arm wing and falls freely. Press the stop button, the landing has an automatic reset function.


Third, the drop test machine with both arms.



Features: The double-arm drop tester can freely drop the surface, corner, and edge of the test package. It is equipped with a digital height display and uses a decoder for height tracking, which can provide the product drop height. The double-arm drop testing machine adopts a single-arm double-column structure, with electric reset, electric control falling and electric lifting devices, which is convenient to use. The single-arm setting makes the product easy to place, and the angle error between the impact surface and the floor plane of the drop angle is less than 5 degrees.

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