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Introduction to the structure of the constant temperature and humidity test chamber

Date: Sep 01,2020 Views: 409

1. The inside of the climatic test chamber is made of SUS#304 stainless steel plate, and the outside is made of SECC steel plate, and painted to increase the appearance and cleanliness;

2. The make-up water tank is placed at the lower part of the front side of the control box, and the design of the pull-out water tank is convenient for replenishing water;

3. The large observation window is equipped with lighting to keep the inside of the box bright, and the built-in glass with heating is used to maintain a clear observation situation at any time;

4. Add a water collecting pan between the humidification system pipeline and the control circuit board, which can prevent the management of water leakage from affecting the circuit and improve safety;

5. The insulation layer of the box body is made of high-strength PU foam and high-density glass fiber cotton, with a thickness of 10 cm, which can avoid unnecessary energy loss;

6. There are two test holes with a diameter of 50mm on the left and upper sides of the temperature and humidity test chamber, which can be used for external test power lines or signal lines.

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