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Operating Regulations of Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Date: Apr 14,2021 Views: 366

1. Steps for using constant temperature and humidity test chamber:

1. The test sample is placed in a laboratory. Close the door, and fill up the water in the constant temperature and humidity test chamber.

2. On the power plug, close the circuit breaker, and the red indicator light is on.

3. Click the "Set" button, use "︿", "" and "" to "combine and test temperature and pressure", confirm with the "Set" button, and press the green button.

4. If you need to set the time, set the time first, and then turn on the "time" switch. Adjust the buttons on the panel, 2030 hours: "20H/m30" means 20 hours and 30 minutes.

5. Low temperature test, set temperature, constant temperature and humidity impact test chamber and then turn on the "cooling" switch

6. For high-temperature and high-humidity tests, set the temperature on the temperature display instrument. First, turn on the "switch", and the "humidity, heat and humidity indicator" sets high humidity. This operation is turned on at the "power switch".

7. For low temperature and low humidity tests, set the low temperature ** (lower than ambient temperature) in the "temperature indicator", the "hygrometer humidity" setting, and turn on the "wet" switch.

2. Pay attention to the use of constant temperature and humidity test chamber::

1. Do not change the internal parameters of the instrument.

2. Under the premise of not opening the experiment (**).

3. It can't work in the equipment state alarm sound.

4. The operation of non-test equipment is not allowed.

5. Don't start the compressor frequently (the compressor will reduce the service life).

6. Pay attention to the indispensable water in the water tank, otherwise the heating tube will be burned out.

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