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Precautions for high and low temperature circulation chamber:

Date: May 27,2021 Views: 32

The deflation time should not be too long each time, it can be performed 2-3 times continuously to avoid wasting refrigerant.


If there is a spare shut-off valve on the top of the condenser or accumulator, the air can also be discharged directly from the valve.


 high and low temperature circulation chamber Air release operation steps of ammonia refrigeration system


When using high and low temperature circulation chamber an air separator to discharge air, place the return valve of the air separator in a normally open state to reduce the pressure of the air separator to the suction pressure. All other valves should be closed.


Properly open the mixed gas inlet valve to allow the mixed gas in the refrigeration system to enter the air separator.


Slightly open the liquid supply valve (the degree of opening depends on the frosting of the return air pipe, generally controlled to make the return pipe frost about 1m), so that the ammonia liquid is throttled into the air separator to vaporize and absorb heat, and cool mixed composition.


 high and low temperature circulation chamber Connect the rubber hose used for the air release valve interface so that one end is inserted into the water in the water container. When the ammonia in the mixed gas is cooled into ammonia liquid, frost will form on the bottom of the air separator. At this time, the air valve can be slightly opened to discharge the air through the water container. If the bubbles are round in the process of rising in the water, there is no volume change, the water is not turbid, and the water temperature does not rise, then air is released. At this time, the opening of the air release valve should be adjusted.

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