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Precautions for the use of temperature test equipment

Date: Oct 23,2020 Views: 402

1. When testing a large sample, there will be temperature and humidity deviations in the updraft and downdraft, so the sample location should be carefully considered. Try to place it in the center of the working space of the temperature test equipment. The samples should not touch or overlap each other, and a certain interval should be left for air circulation; and it should be ensured that the samples are easy to move during the test and the samples are easy to replace during the test.

2. Check whether there are volatile substances such as oil and gas in the test area, and check whether there are odorous substances. The test results of such substances must be confirmed in advance.

3. Pay attention to confirm the temperature condition of the test sample in the test area of the temperature test equipment.

4. In order to maintain the same temperature in the temperature zone, it is necessary to ensure that the test environment temperature and the equipment power supply fluctuate as little as possible, to ensure that the test sample does not generate heat radiation and absorb heat so as to ensure the temperature of the test zone is stable.

5. After the temperature test equipment finishes the test, quickly removing the test sample will cause unnecessary stress to the sample and may get unexpected results. Therefore, the test sample must be cooled to ambient temperature before taking out the sample.

6. The installation of the test sample and the thermal conductivity of the support frame should be low to ensure that the test sample and the installation and support frame are in a thermally insulated state.

The test content of different products is jointly determined by the test requester, designer and tester. From the perspective of providing test equipment that meets the test, establish a technical specification framework for test equipment, and test equipment suppliers can provide specific equipment specifications based on this framework. Every kind of test equipment that can simulate the test environment generally has a measurement system, so it is very easy to use existing equipment and purchase new equipment. Simple test equipment can also be manufactured by yourself, but the cost, reliability of test results, degree of control, and safety factors for continuous operation must be considered.

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