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Runway detection VOC release test chamber test operation steps

Date: Sep 11,2019 Views: 724
Preparation before the environmental test chamber test
1. Clean the environmental test chamber before the test, first use the cleaning agent (DH value ≥:.5 to clean the inner wall, then use the deionized small or distilled water to scrub the inner wall of the cabin, open the door, open the fan to the cabin wind
  2. After running the helium gas six times in the environmental test chamber, the background concentration of the environmental test is detected by air.
3. When the background concentration of formaldehyde in the cabin is not more than 6卩g/m, the background concentration of total volatile organic compounds (1OC) is not more than 50pm, and the background concentration of other single pollutants is not more than 5ug/m.
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