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Specific introduction to the small environmental test cabin

Date: Oct 18,2019 Views: 851
Equipment: 1 cubic meter environmental test cabin small environmental test cabin
Specific introduction: The environmental test chamber is an environmental simulation experiment equipment, which includes
1. The box body and the sealed door are internal environment simulation test spaces, and the sealed door is an airtight door;
2. The sealing door comprises a door panel, a door frame, a gas supply system, and an inflatable sealing strip;
3. The gas-filled sealing strip is connected to the gas supply system through a gas supply pipe, and the gas supply system includes an air compressor, and the air compressor is connected to the gas-filled sealing strip through a normally open valve and a valve;
4. When there are multiple cabinets, they are combined.
The advantages of the 1 cubic meter environmental test cabin of the utility model are:
1. Adapt to a wide range of temperature changes, good sealing performance, solid and reliable;
2. It not only solves the problem of water leakage and air leakage caused by the deformation when the sealing door is too large, but also adjusts the pressure in the sealing ring synchronously with the change of temperature and humidity during the experiment to ensure that the sealing ring and the door panel are in good agreement. To eliminate the effects of local variations;
3. It also has the advantages of saving energy, avoiding environmental pollution, simple equipment installation, and low maintenance and operation costs.

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