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Sports field synthetic material 60L small test cabin

Date: Mar 12,2024 Views: 77
Sports field synthetic material 60L small test cabin
1. Product introduction:
The design of the synthetic material surface 60Lvoc environmental chamber is designed based on the requirements of "GB/T 43565-2023 Synthetic material surface basketball courts for primary and secondary schools" and "GB 36246-2018 Synthetic material surface sports venues for primary and secondary schools". Environmental test chamber It consists of a sealed cabin with an effective volume of 60L, an air purification system, an air temperature and humidity adjustment control system, an air temperature and humidity monitoring system, an air flow adjustment control device, and an air sampling system.

2. Main features:
Air supply purification system: adopts multi-stage purification (including high-temperature catalytic oxidation VOC purification components, low-temperature cooling VOC purification components, cold dryer water and oil removal purification components, dust particle filter purification system, formaldehyde filter, high-efficiency laminated activated carbon adsorption Multiple purification methods such as filtration systems).
Hatch: Each cabin door is independently controlled, the width of the door gap is adjustable, the adjustment stroke is not less than ±5mm, and a well-sealed surface-mounted lever lock is selected.
Number of studios: 6, 4, 2, 1
Number of sampling ports: 2 per cabin, equipped with sampling adapters. Noise: no more than 65 decibels (1 meter away from the device)
The environmental test chamber should also comply with other requirements for test chambers in GB/T 37884-2019, GB 36246-2018 and JG/T 481-2015 standards.
Cabin air leakage is less than 5% of the air supply;
The cabin should meet the positive pressure of 10Pa±5Pa;
The recovery rate of toluene and alcohol ester dodecyl (2,2,4-trimethyl-1,3-pentanediol and its isomers) is not less than 80%.
If you have any questions about the selection of the 60Lvoc environmental chamber for the synthetic material surface layer, you can consult the relevant technical personnel of "HUANYI Instruments".

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