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The acceptance steps of the xenon lamp aging test box are as follows

Date: Oct 14,2020 Views: 383

1. Visual inspection:

(1) Check whether the inner and outer packaging of the equipment is intact, and whether it indicates:

Instrument number, implementation standard, date of delivery, manufacturer, receiving unit, whether it is the manufacturers original packaging, whether it is unpacked, damaged, bruised, soaked, damp, deformed, etc.;

(2) Check the equipment and accessories such as: whether the xenon lamp tube can illuminate, whether the controller, irradiator, etc. accessories are damaged, rusted, bruised, whether they can be used normally, etc.;

(3) According to the contract, check whether the label has products from manufacturers outside the contract;

(4) If the above problems are found, a detailed record should be made and photographs should be taken for evidence.


2. Quantity acceptance:

(1) Based on the supply contract and packing list, check the specifications, models, configurations and parameters of the host and accessories, and check and verify one by one;

(2) Carefully check whether the accompanying materials are complete, such as instrument manuals, operating procedures, maintenance manuals, product inspection certificates, warranty certificates, etc.;

(3) Look at the trademark against the contract and see if there are three non-products, OEM products, and non-contract-ordered brand products;

(4) Make a record of quantity acceptance, indicating the place, time, participants, box number, product name, and actual quantity.


3. Quality acceptance:

(1) The quality acceptance adopts a comprehensive acceptance test, and no random inspection or missed inspection is allowed;

(2) Install and test the machine in strict accordance with the provisions and procedures of the contract terms, instrument manual, and operation manual;

(3) According to the instrument description, carefully conduct various technical parameter tests to check whether the technical indicators and performance of the instrument meet the requirements;

(4) According to the technical indicators of the goods and the industry needs to be checked and accepted, only upward deviation is allowed, not downward deviation;

(5) Make careful records during quality acceptance. If there is a quality problem with the instrument, the details should be recorded in writing. Depending on the situation, decide whether to return, replace, or require the manufacturer to send personnel for maintenance.

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