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The working principle and product advantages of the formaldehyde emission test box

Date: Oct 20,2020 Views: 370

formaldehyde emission test box Working principle: Put a sample with a surface area of 1 square meter into a climate chamber whose temperature, relative humidity, air flow rate and air replacement rate are controlled at a certain value. Formaldehyde is released from the sample and mixed with the air in the formaldehyde emission test box . The air in the box is regularly extracted. The extracted air is passed through an absorption bottle filled with distilled water. All the formaldehyde in the air is dissolved into the water; the amount of formaldehyde in the absorption liquid and the extracted Air volume, expressed in milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3), calculate the amount of formaldehyde per cubic meter of air. Sampling is periodic until the formaldehyde concentration in the test box reaches an equilibrium state.


formaldehyde emission test box Product advantages and characteristics:

1. The inner cavity of the box is made of 304 mirror stainless steel with a thickness of 1.5. The thickness is sufficient to ensure that the equipment is more stable, durable, tightly sealed, smooth and non-condensing, and does not absorb formaldehyde, ensuring detection accuracy. The thermostatic box body is made of hard foam material, and the door is made of silicone rubber sealing strip, which has good heat preservation and sealing performance. The box is equipped with a forced air circulation device (forms a circulating air flow) to ensure that the temperature and humidity in the box are balanced and consistent. The main structure: the inner tank is a mirror stainless steel test chamber, and the outer layer is an insulation box, which is compact, clean, efficient, and energy-saving, not only reducing This reduces energy consumption and reduces equipment balance time.


2. The 7-inch touch screen is used as a dialogue interface for personnel operating equipment, which is intuitive and convenient. It can directly set and digitally display the temperature, relative humidity, temperature compensation, dew point compensation, dew point deviation, temperature deviation, using imported sensors, and can automatically record and draw control curves. Equipped with special control software to realize system control, program setting, dynamic data display and historical data playback, fault record, alarm setting and other functions.


3. The equipment adopts industrial modules and imported programmable controllers, with good operational stability and reliability, which can ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment, increase the service life of the equipment, and reduce the operating cost of the equipment. It also has fault self-checking and reminding functions, which is convenient for users to understand the operation of the equipment, and maintenance is simple and convenient.


4. The control program and operation interface are optimized in accordance with relevant test standards, and the operation is simple and convenient. The optional end and the computer end remotely monitor the operating status of the equipment in real time, observe changes in temperature and humidity, and can also adjust the test curve to observe the historical operating status. The climate chamber can be opened and closed remotely according to needs, and test parameters can be set remotely to control and adjust the operating conditions of the climate chamber. It is convenient for customers to monitor and operate the climate chamber when they are not in the laboratory.


5. The intelligent comprehensive humidity control method of dry and wet method and dew point method makes the humidity change in the box stable, thereby greatly improving the accuracy of humidity control. The dry-wet method and dew-point method intelligent integrated humidity control method to control the relative humidity of the working cabin, which combines the advantages of the dry-wet method and the dew-point method, starts to quickly reach the set humidity within one hour by the dry-wet method, and automatically switches after reaching the set humidity In order to assist the humidity control by the dew point method, a very stable effect is achieved, and the humidity fluctuation basically does not exceed 1%, which is better than the standard requirement of 3%. And will not produce water droplets on the bulkhead;


6. The imported thin-film high-precision platinum resistance is used as the temperature sensor, with high accuracy and stable performance.


7. The heat exchanger with advanced technology is used in the box, which has high heat exchange efficiency and reduces temperature gradient.


8. Aspara compressors, temperature and humidity sensors, Siemens industrial control PLC controllers, relays and other key equipment components are all imported components.


9. Protection device: the climate tank and the dew point water tank have high and low temperature alarm protection measures and high and low water level alarm protection measures.


10. The whole machine is integrated, compact structure; installation, debugging and use are very simple.


11. Equipped with water replenishment pump, one-key operation, convenient to replace clean water and improve work efficiency. It is convenient for operators to use.

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