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What to do after the tensile testing machine is displaced

Date: Sep 16,2021 Views: 285

Tensile testing machine is also called universal material testing machine. It is a mechanical afterburner testing machine for static load, tension, compression, bending, and other materials. It is suitable for testing various physical and mechanical properties of plastic boards, wires and cables, etc. It is an indispensable testing equipment for physical performance testing, teaching research, quality control, etc. How to deal with the displacement of the tensile testing machine during use?


1. Encoding pulse: multiply by 4 and fill in the corresponding pulse parameters. One revolution of the encoder is equivalent to: if the encoder is fixed on the lead screw, one revolution of the encoder is equivalent to the lead screw pushing the pressure plate (or beam) to move which is equivalent to the displacement of the lead screw lead. Fill the lead here. NS.


2. If the above method cannot complete the calibration normally, this method can be used: the pressure plate (or beam) of the tensile testing machine is moved a certain distance, and the actual movement of the pressure plate (or beam) is measured with a caliper (or other measuring tool) distance. For example, the actual measurement is 100 mm, while the software shows 105 mm; after filling in the "Apply" button, the calibration is completed.

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