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What is the cause of the high and low temperature test chamber not cooling down

Date: Sep 16,2021 Views: 270

The high and low temperature test chamber is suitable for the high and low temperature reliability test of industrial products. The parts and materials of related products such as electronics and electrical engineering, automobiles and motorcycles, aerospace, marine weapons, etc. are checked for various performance indicators under the condition of high temperature and low temperature (alternative) cyclic changes. What is the cause of the use of high and low temperature test chambers without cooling?


First, it is necessary to judge whether the voltage of the compressor is stable. If the contactor connected to the compressor is not sucked in, then the power supply of the high and low temperature humidity and heat test chamber cannot pass through here.


Second, is the compressor circuit connected to the high and low temperature damp and heat test chamber broken or not connected properly?


Third, determine whether the rated voltage meets the specified requirements.


Fourth, professionals are required to judge whether the compressor current is normal. The high and low temperature test chamber current must reach the compressor's rated current to work normally. If the voltage is normal and the current does not meet the requirements, it means that there is a lack of refrigerant.


Fifth, observe whether the cooling fan is in normal working condition. In working condition, the wind direction should be relatively stable, the wind speed should be uniform, and the air duct should be correct.


Sixth, touch the temperature of the compressor exhaust pipe with your hand. The normal temperature of the high and low temperature humidity test chamber is higher than the normal temperature, just as the temperature of the external exhaust fan of the air conditioner is higher.


Seventh, observe whether the indoor circulating fan works normally. If it burns out, the evaporator cannot evaporate normally, resulting in cooling failure.


Eighth, pay attention to non-professional electrical personnel not to remove the accessories at will. Avoid secondary damage to the test chamber due to high, low temperature, damp and heat.

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