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What are the precautions before using the high and low temperature test chamber?

Date: Jan 12,2021 Views: 381

1. Whether the power cord is properly installed in accordance with the specifications and is actually connected to the ground wire. high and low temperature test chamber

2. Note: The gauze should be removed when the temperature is only used. If the gauze is operated at a high temperature above 85, the gauze should be replaced before the next operation. Otherwise, it may not be able to absorb water anymore. When changing to a new gauze, please wash your hands first ( When the gauze is packaged, it is sterilized).

3. Acknowledge that there is sufficient water storage and the water tank cover is properly covered high and low temperature test chamber

4. Acknowledge the correct orientation of the wet ball gauze (whether it is placed in the front end of the humidity sensor) There is water in the water supply tank. If the water level is normal and the gauze cannot be wetted, please replace it with a new gauze, usually about every three months. Gauze.

5. Acknowledge whether the water level of the humidifier is normal, and whether the water for the humidifier is clean. It has a malfunction alarm function. When it shows incorrect operation, it will alarm and actively cut off the power to stop the operation.


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