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What matters should be paid attention to when using the three comprehensive test chamber?

Date: May 31,2021 Views: 284

When testing temperature and humidity in industrial production, three comprehensive test chambers are often used. The three comprehensive test chamberintegrates the functions of temperature, humidity, and vibration. It is suitable for aerospace products, information and electronic instruments, materials, electrical engineering, electronic products, and various electronic vital parts to test their performance indicators in a comprehensive and harsh environment. So what should be paid attention to when using the three comprehensive test chamber?

1. After the production of thethree comprehensive test chamber is finished, we need to check it as a whole to ensure that it can meet the requirements of use. Then we need to pack it in accordance with the requirements. During the packaging process, please make sure that the strength it can withstand is not too great to prevent damage. When carrying the equipment, the feet of the equipment should be raised. Note that it is not allowed to directly grasp the door handle to apply force, and it is not allowed to drag directly on the ground.

When the user uses the three comprehensive test chamber, it is necessary to prevent electric shock or malfunction and failure. In practical applications, users can not arbitrarily connect or cut the power cord of the three comprehensive test chamber equipment. When placing the equipment, do not store any flammable, explosive, volatile or corrosive substances around it to avoid adverse effects on the equipment. And during use, when the device is in high temperature conditions, do not touch the door and observation window of the device to prevent accidental injury. Please do not turn on the power supply before the installation and wiring of the temperature and humidity comprehensive test chamber are completed.

2. When checking the terminal screws and fixing frame of the temperature, humidity and vibration three comprehensive test chamber on a regular basis, please do not use it when it is loose. At the end of each test, it is recommended to clean the test chamber with clean water to keep the equipment clean; clean the chamber before drying to keep the chamber dry.

3. The user also needs to pay attention to that, if you don't use it for a long time, you must remember to cut off the main power supply in time. In addition, we should also consider the working environment of the three comprehensive test chamber. For example, the equipment should be used when the working environment temperature, relative humidity, and air pressure are ideal. This will not only protect the equipment, but also ensure the accuracy of the experimental data as much as possible.

4. After every two or three tests, you need to check the height of the water chamber. You can adjust the height of the water chamber according to the actual situation. Of course, if the test time is particularly long, try to check the amount of water in the water chamber as often as possible.

5. When the humidifying barrel enters the water pipe, the remaining air must be completely discharged to prevent water from entering.

6. The moving parts should be lubricated according to the instructions, and the electrical control system should be regularly maintained and inspected. These tasks are safe.

7. Three comprehensive test chamber Before doing the test, check whether the water level of the accumulated water head is too high. Of course, the water level should not be too low, otherwise the impact on the test will be relatively large.

8. If the water overflows the water head or is too low, the wet ball test cloth will not absorb water normally, which will affect the accuracy of the wet ball. The water level should be kept at about six minutes full.

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