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Do you know how to operate the rain test chamber

Date: Aug 19,2021 Views: 303

The rain test chamber is suitable for the protection of external lighting, signal devices and automobile lamps and other products, and can provide simulations of various environments that electronic products and their components may be subjected to during transportation and use, such as water spray and water spray tests . So as to test the waterproof performance of various products.


1. After the machine is turned on, the machine will stop running when the control program set by the machine ends.


2. Open the door handle of the box, put the test sample on the sample rack, and close the door of the rain test box. It should be noted that the capacity of the sample should not exceed 2/3 of the capacity of the test area.


3. According to the "TEMI880 Operation Manual", first carry out the test setting operation, and then enter the test state according to the set operation mode.


4. If you want to observe the changes in the box during the test, you can turn on the switch of the door light, and know the internal changes through the window. The controller can be opened to display the temperature and humidity changes in the box. If the test does not require humidity, the humidity The value will not have a display value.


5. Open the door handle of the box, take out the test sample from the sample rack, check the sample after the test, and record the test situation.


6. After the test, be sure to turn off the power switch.

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