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Formaldehyde emission rate climate box working principle and structural composition

Date: Sep 15,2019 Views: 723

1, working principle

The temperature regulation system in the climate box adopts the microcomputer PID automatic control mode; the humidity inside the box is controlled by the humidity generator, and the humidity in the humidity chamber is controlled to control the humidity of the air in the working chamber to a specified humidity value, and at the same time The replacement rate of gas also affects the equilibrium time of humidity.

The air circulation inside the equipment is designed by the rear axial fan suction and the top discharge evenly. The air replacement rate is supplied by an electromagnetic compression air pump, and the needle flow valve of the rotor flow rate controls the flow rate.

2, structural characteristics

The cabinet includes a studio and equipment room. In the studio, there are duct partitions, porous deflectors, humidity sensors, circulation fans, heat exchangers, air inlets, and air outlets. There is a sample holder in the studio, which is mainly used to place test samples.

The equipment room consists of a temperature water tank at the back of the studio, a dew point temperature water tank, a water pump, a gas pump, a flow meter, a refrigeration compressor, and a water valve.

The electric control cabinet is mainly composed of industrial computer controllers, low voltage devices such as AC contactors and circuit breakers.


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