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How to maintain the UV aging test chamber?

Date: Sep 02,2020 Views: 471

The ultraviolet aging test box uses fluorescent ultraviolet lamps as the light source to test materials by simulating ultraviolet radiation and condensation in natural sunlight. Let's take a look at the maintenance knowledge of the UV aging test chamber.

1. If the UV aging test chamber is in a non-working state, keep it dry and disconnect the power supply;

2. Drain the water in the testing machine after the test, and dry the working room and cabinet;

3. Plastic should be covered after use to avoid intrusion of dust. If there is dust, it should be cleared in time;

4. Do not subject the sensing device in the working room to strong impact;

5. The UV aging test box should be placed in a well-ventilated place (it is recommended to install a ventilation fan to maintain indoor ventilation), and remember not to install it in a dusty place;

6. When the cabinet is out of order, please contact Huanyis personnel and do not disassemble or install it privately;

7. After the test box has been placed for a long time, carefully check the water source, power supply and various components before using it again, and start the equipment after confirming that it is correct;

8. The operator needs to wear protective goggles and a protective cover. Because ultraviolet radiation has a strong hazard to personnel (especially eyes), the operator should minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays (contact time should be less than 1min);

9. Keep away from flammable and explosive materials;

10. The wastewater discharge system of the UV aging test chamber must be installed in place;

11. After each test, take out the sample and clean the inside of the box.

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